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Music Video Production

Making music videos for bands and recording artists can be a really cool and incredibly rewarding pursuit. Creatively, it can offer you a lot more than simply creating corporate videos for companies.

Web Series production

Web series are short entertainment programs that are generally divided into episodes. One of the major benefits of web series is that they are not governed by any censor board unlike movies and TV series.

Tv Series Production

Television production, whether it is a sitcom episode, a feature-length movie, a corporate training video, an educational program, or a newscast, must complete four basic phases before it is realised.

Film Production

Five phases of film production: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Each phase has a different purpose, with the overarching goal to get to the next one, and ultimately on to distribution.

Commercial advertisement production

Most businesses can benefit from commercial video production. A broadcast video can help you reach a wider audience, and can help you build a recognizable brand image among consumers.


Forever Big Entertainment is more than just a film production house in Delhi; it’s an artistic endeavor that treats films like symphonies, crafting each frame to resonate with emotions.

We are a team of ‘filmmaker giants’ dedicated to bringing your stories, whether in music production or corporate or commercial videos, to life. Our writers, directors, actors, producers, and cinematographers are passionate about their craft.

We own a diverse portfolio of entertainment networks and internet-based platforms, all aimed at nurturing talent.

To achieve the best results in scripting, producing, editing, and distribution, we believe in showcasing undiscovered talent with avant-garde, futuristic perspectives, capable of shaping a better world.

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    Looking for the Top Film Production Company in Delhi?

    Forever Big Entertainment is an art driven, film production house in Delhi which makes films more like music than fiction. In other words, every frame we shoot has a certain ebb and flow to evoke the desired emotion in the viewer.

    Forever Big Entertainment is a company of ‘filmmaker giants’ devoted to bringing your story be it music production or corporate videos, not just to a screen, but to life. Each writer, director, actor, producer, and cinematographer is addicted to their art.

    We own and operate a diverse portfolio of entertainment networks and a suite of leading Internet-based platforms dedicated to uplifting talent.

    In order to get the best results in scripting, producing, editing, and distribution, you have to bring new undiscovered talent to the stage with an avant-garde, futuristic persona that has the potential of bestowing the world with the best version of oneself.

    Want to make sure your idea gets the attention, expertise, and sense of belonging it deserves? Join us at Forever Big Entertainment, a place where hard work, determination, and talent are respected enough to bring your film or music production to life.





    What does web series mean?

    A web series is a scripted or non-scripted series, released on the internet. It can be viewed on various online platforms, and its format allows for more creative freedom and diverse storytelling compared to traditional television.

    What is the difference between TV series and web series?

    The primary difference lies in the platform of distribution. TV series are broadcasted on television networks, while web series are distributed on online platforms. Web series often have shorter episodes, varied genres, and can be independently produced.

    What is the difference between commercial and corporate video?

    Commercial videos aim to promote a product or service to a wide audience, focusing on marketing and brand image. On the other hand, corporate videos are created for internal or B2B communication, addressing a company's mission, values, or providing training materials.

    Why do you need a corporate video?

    Corporate videos enhance communication within a company, convey brand identity, facilitate training, and serve as effective tools for marketing and client presentations, contributing to overall business success.

    How do you take commercial videos?

    Creating commercial videos involves strategic planning, scripting, shooting, and editing. We coordinate with clients, determine target audiences, create compelling content, and utilise high-quality production techniques to convey the intended message effectively.

    Is TV series and web series the same?

    TV series are broadcasted on television networks, whereas web series are released on online platforms. Web series often have shorter episodes. The similarity lies in the episodic format of both.

    What does a film production company do?

    A film production company oversees the entire filmmaking process, from development to distribution. They secure financing, hire talent, manage logistics, and ensure the project aligns with the artistic vision and commercial goals.

    What is a film production house? How can I become a producer?

    A film production house is a company involved in filmmaking, encompassing various aspects of production. To become a producer, gain industry knowledge, build connections, and start with smaller projects. Learn about financing, script development, and project management.

    What are the 5 stages of film production?

    The five stages of film production are development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Each stage involves specific tasks, such as scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and marketing

    How long is a film shoot day?

    The duration of a film shoot day varies based on the project. Factors include complexity of the project, budget, and scheduling constraints. Shoot days can range from a few hours for simple scenes to 12 hours or more for complex sequences.

    How much does a music studio cost in Delhi?

    The cost of a music studio in Delhi varies based on factors such as location, facilities, and equipment. Prices can range from a few thousand to several lakhs per hour, depending on the studio's reputation and amenities.

    How much is a 1-hour studio session?

    The pricing for a one-hour studio session is dependent upon the studio's calibre. The fees may span from a few thousand to several tens of thousands, taking into account various elements such as the quality of recording, mixing, and mastering services incorporated within the session.

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